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The CHAS CATH-MATE ® Non-Slip Catheter Holder

  • Patented tracking on elastic leg strap keeps the catheter strap in its desired position
  • Helps prevent catheter strap slippage while patient ambulates
  • Designed to secure the catheter against the patients leg
  • Patented high-friction material locks catheter in place to help reduce catheter movement
  • Eliminates adhesive tape, possible skin irritation and skin breakdown
  • Adjustable elastic strap allows for a custom fit
  • Secures with hook and loop closure
  • One size fits all
  • Latex Free
Reorder No. DescriptionSizeUnit 
0814 8200 Universal Stretches to fit
up to 31"
Clamshell Packaging    
5000 8200 Universal  Stretches to fit
up to 31"